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Capri Sun

A modern refresh for a brand that so many millennials still crave


To start out we redesigned their look to be more elegant and eye catching. We included simple colour and design that would be both interesting to younger adults, and children as well, as we still want to appeal to them.

With the redesign, we added the simple rip off section for the straw, because who remembers the missing straw, and it being a catastrophe during lunch time? We certainly do and do not want any of those flashbacks.

The Box

Our next redesign was the box. We added our design from the pouch, and a few other components. The handles for easy carrying, pull just one of them to extend it, and now you can hang it from the wall, in the office, your home.

With this box, we partner with Uber or Lyft for the passengers to grab part of their lunch, the drink that most people forget or just don't pack. The other feature is a perforated door for easy access.

Jet Blue Partnership

A partnership is with Jetblue. On flights we will hand out a Capri Sun pouch to everyone, with one of our napkins with a some more information. We want to bring back the simplicity of your childhood, maybe even some flashbacks, while re-introducing a brand that they already love, just forgot about.

Banner Ads

We place ads on a range of bland, adult-y webpages like Nerd Wallet or Bloomberg News


Ymke Franssen