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MSW Surf Toaster

A product for the surf forcasting website Magic Seaweed, allowing surfers to see the conditions at their favorite breaks without having to open our app.

Watch a quick video explanation here, or scroll to view in sections.

What it Does

The Surf Toaster is a Magic Seaweed product, designed to convert our reliable surf forecasting models, into real surf.

How it Works

A wifi-equip Arduino computer pulls in our API, then instructs two servos to shift a jax mechanism into 1 of 5 positions.

How to Use it

Copy Card, pre/post clip: Surf Toaster can be used in 2 ways:

1. Input your local break into the MSW App, and watch the toaster update every hour.

2. Ask your google home assistant to show you the waves at any break, and the Surf Toaster will change to reflect that spot.


Ymke Franssen