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News for Now

The main problem here is that when people hear VICE, they think weird, fringe type stories. However, these type of things are what get shared and consumed the most.

News is not at the top of your binge list. But abstaining from it just makes you ignorant, and we are all tired of ignorance. This campaign presents new avenues to connect with the news, and follow what you care about.

VICE Now - AR news app

This is an entirely new way to take in the news. You pick a story to explore, point your phone to a blank wall, and lay out all the elements of that story onto your wall.

This video is looping a quick preview of how you use the app.

The app works by laying out each element on a bullseye map, shaped to match your wall. The stories are places from the center out in this order: Overview and title, Recent updates, Major stories, Key figures, Relating events, and Older backstory.

Here is the welcoming screen to VICE Now. Each frame explains the features in the app.

First frame here is the AR Camera view. Middle is the catalogue of stories to choose from. Last is your personal topic to follow.

Bringing Back the QR Code

IOS11 camera updates have brought life back to this little guy. Open your camera, point at a code, and a drop down window apears to re-directs you to the app.

Each time you scan a code, it opens the to the story you chose to follow, presenting either an update on this topic, or an older piece for you to explore (because not all topics have constant updates).

Bus Shelter
Coffee Sleeve

A promotion with Starbucks, to place these sleeves in store.

AR Newspaper

A paper you can only read through your phone.

Uber Eats Promo

When ordering dinner from Uber Eats, consumers get to watch tonight's episode for free.

Subway Wifi

We outfit subway cars with WIFI routers, providing free internet after watching a short promo for tonight’s lead story.

15 second promo for tonight's broadcast.


Photographer: Ymke Franssen

Copywriter: Olivia Bono